Van-Am 5-axis machining capabilities, expertly customized to precise specifications, can add substantial value to any production run. For more than 30 years, original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and parts suppliers have counted on Van-Am to complete orders on time and at a great price.
Van-Am takes pride in offering a full range of tooling and machining services. As a one-stop shop for OEMs, Van-Am’s attention to detail and genuine customer service make the company an ideal partner for customers in need of custom 5-axis machining capabilities.
A 4,000-watt Mazak SpaceGear 5-axis machine allows Van-Am to offer two-dimensional and three-dimensional laser cutting services. This powerful machine’s CNC rotary chuck and lasers are more than capable of:
• 3D cutting of pre-formed parts
• 3D rotary cutting of hard metal pipes
• 2D and 3D cutting of round or rectangular tubing
Van-Am’s 5-axis capabilities can also process many other jobs to laser-precise specifications, such as building hydro-formed parts for automotive suppliers. An optional high column adds more flexibility when cutting, which an OEM would find enticing since it gives them more production versatility.
When operating in two-dimensional mode, Mazak SpaceGear’s powerful 4,000-watt laser can quickly and efficiently process sheets as wide as 5 feet by 10 feet and as thick as 7/8 inches. Rapid traverse rates up to 945 inches per minute add to the machine’s impressive capabilities.
When operating in three-dimensional mode, Mazak SpaceGear machines utilize a compact, 360-degree non-contact cutting head. This design allows the machine to perform 360-degree cuts along its A-axis and 135-degree cuts along its B-axis.
The end result is a normal cutting angle on sculptured surfaces, as the non-contact profiler maintains a constant stand-off distance, which eliminates marring.

The benefits of Van-Am’s 5-axis machining capabilities include:
• Shorter setup time
• Reduced load time
• Optimal cycle time
• Improved surface finish
OEMs understand that lean manufacturing and just-in-time delivery depend on the efficiency and consistent reliability that machining of this kind can provide. By producing parts with laser-precision, manufacturers of all types can control costs while ensuring top quality. Combined with Van-Am’s commitment to genuine customer service, customers enjoy a better value overall.
For more detailed and technical information, customers can contact Van-Am to speak to a knowledgeable machinist about the company’s custom 5-axis machining capabilities.