Van-Am Paint & Assembly Facility located in St. Joseph, Missouri.

Powder coating, the process of applying dry powder to the material to color, is used in countless industries. Whether you are purchasing a finished product to be used in the aerospace industry or something as simple as appliances for your kitchen, chances are good that you have run across something that has gone through the process of powder coating.

But while the finished product might be common, the process of creating that product requires a great deal of precision and experience, especially in the industrial sector. Choosing the correct powder coating manufacturer is very important to help make your company successful. The wrong supplier can cause minor delays in your production through imperfect parts or can cause catastrophic product failure when those imperfections are not detected until well after your product has been distributed.

Van-Am Tool & Engineering’s powder-coating facility contains a 30 ft. blast booth and 20 ft. ovens. This allows for items of great size to be powder-coated. Van-Am also uses the reverse osmosis process to get rid of all unwanted contaminants in the water the cleans the material so that the material can end up with the best quality possible. On top of that, we offer indoor storage that many of our competitors do not to ensure the quality of the product. Van-Am Tool & Engineering relies on our efficient operators and our team of knowledgeable engineers and in-house powder-coaters to provide your products on time, within budget and, most importantly, with a high level of accuracy and quality on which you can depend.



With our time-tested expertise and our commitment to working with our clients through every step of the production process, we are certain that we will be able to offer you the most cost-effective burden rates – among the lowest burden rates in our industry.

Contact us today before you begin your next project to see how a partnership with Van-Am can help improve your company’s bottom line while ensuring that your high standards for finished products are consistently met.