VanAm Custom Manufacturing’s top-notch machining capabilities,

fine-tuned over 30 years since the company’s founding, can complete any order to precise specifications. As U.S. manufacturers continue to search for ways to stay ahead of the curve, Van Am has the expertise to provide original equipment manufacturers and parts manufacturers with custom, high-quality machining.

Finding cost-effective machining services that add value remains a challenge, even for large, global manufacturers. VanAm’s machining capabilities align seamlessly with the company’s tooling capabilities and industry equipment assemblies, providing tangible added value for manufacturers.

Among many other verticals that Van Am serves, the company specializes in machining for booming industries:

  • Oil and gas
  • Aerospace and defense
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Off-highway market
  • Agriculture

Additionally, VanAm can fulfill industrial manufacturing orders at a reasonable cost to OEMs.

VanAm employs a multitude of well-qualified machinists who believe in customer service and take pride in their work, exceeding customer expectations. Every VanAm machinist has earned his stripes through hands-on experience.

In total, VanAm maintains 17 different machining centers, which allows the company to offer redundant capabilities to customers. These centers utilize state-of-the-art Surfcam software to consistently program machining orders and at a high volume to control production costs.

Customers do not have to endure a long wait because VanAm is always flexible and delivers on time. At Van Am, back orders are never a problem due to the company’s impressive machining capacity.

For instance, VanAm can accommodate part sizes up to 120 inches as well as 40-inch parts and 30-inch parts. Also, Van Am has the machining capabilities to fabricate prototypes and run samples of thousands of parts at a competitive price. No matter how small or large a machining order may be, Van Am goes the extra mile to work closely with its customers.

For more detailed and technical information, customers can contact VanAm to learn more about the company’s versatile machining capabilities.